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Italy Uncorked: Three Wines, Three Regions

It has been said, "Wine buffs write and talk as though the food and wine will be in your mouth at the same time, that one is there to be poured over the other.  This is bullshit.  Gustatory enjoyment comes from food and wine and (perhaps) cigars of your liking.  So far no one has said that a Monte Cristo is the only cigar to smoke after Armagnac, Romeo, and Juliet after Calvados ... but the time may yet come." ~ Clement Freud
Clement here makes some good points, and he is right who am I tell you what to drink or eat for that matter? I mean c'mon we can all agree that each of us should drink/eat what we like. But like the patrons who visited the wine store where I once worked, and who often sought out recommendations I may have and or opinions on specific wines before making their purchase, I offer my impressions on the following Italian wines for your consideration; what you or any vino-sapiens do with that advice is ultimately in your hands. 
Our mission at Cuvée Corne…

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