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From Bacon Fat to Flint: Learning the Language of Wine 🍷 Geek Speak

"Thomas Jefferson was not our first wine geek, but he was definitely the most influential." ~ Wine Skool'd
Have you ever wondered what the *bleep* all those wine geeks are talking about around the wine bar? All that wine geek-speak you hear, which makes them sound either really smart or just plain silly, I guess it all depends on your perspective. 

Do you know friends and/or family who talk about wine in this manner? Do wonder silently if they really understand what those dimestore words mean and how or why they use them or are they just your garden variety wine-snob wanting to lord their vino knowledge over you?
In all honesty, the answer is yes, and no, I will admit that I'm guilty of this crazy wine "geek-speak" myself, but on the flip side of the coin, one could ask is it really needed or necessary? 

I would have to say yes and here's why; you need to be able to label your experiences with wine. It's similar to any exercise routine meant to build ph…

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