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Wines with Soul in a World of Homogenized Fruit Bombs

"These graceful, elegant wines captivate both sensually — their polished textures feel so good in the mouth that you are drawn irresistibly to the next sip — and intellectually, by almost demanding your attention as you seek out each elusive nuance." ~ Eric Asimov
Describing what a Gran Reserva is and is not, could not be stated any better than this quote. Not only does Mr. Asimov make some excellent points about the so-called demise of the Gran Reserva style of wines from Rioja, but he also gives many compelling examples of why this great style of wine isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The amazing ability of the Tempranillo grape to taste fantastic early is enticing enough, but its real charm comes from its innate ability to age, and age well, adding unbelievable dimensions of quality, soul, and substance.

Having spent a week in the Rioja region, not so long ago, I had abundant opportunities to sample quite the variety Gran Reservas and other wines from many different …

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