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Valpolicella Uncorked: A Visit To Corte Fornaledo

By Cuvée Corner Contributor Sophia Longhi

Within an hour of driving west from Venice, the landscape starts to change. Flashes of luminous green begin to appear on top of craggy grey rocks and the twists and turns in the road become more frequent as we enter the mountains. At the next turn, a vineyard comes into view, which continues to stretch before our eyes as we round the corner until the vast scene in front of us is wholly made up of row after row of leafy vines, as neat and as structured as Balinese rice terraces.

This is Valpolicella, located in the Veneto in north-east Italy. Many famous wines, including Prosecco, Soave, and Bardolino, come from the vast and diverse Veneto region, but it is Valpolicella that is the jewel in its crown, being Italy’s most valued appellation. This could have something to do with its prized Amarone, a mystery in a bottle, which captivated its founder in its very beginnings, and is now renowned the world over.

Yet, it isn’t only Amarone that draws i…

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