La Tancia 2007 Chianti, a taste of Italy

This review represents my 100th post somewhat of a milestone and I will be donating my 100th post to charity, I've not decided on a charity as of the moment but I have a few that I'm contemplating. A Facebook friend, Jennifer's Review has come up with this novel concept of donating every one hundredth post and so here I am after a little more than a year I've arrived at number one hundred. My blogging skills have come a long way since that first post entitled Willamette Wonderland Part 1 based on my adventures on the Oregon wine trail. My review style has changed quite a bit and I've gleaned so much from other writers and bloggers who I owe a big thanks. Speaking of big thanks, here is one going out to all my readers who stop by each month to catch up my latest review or my occasional rants and rave about a trend in the wine scene. I lift a glass to each one of you with a hearty, cheers!

It just so happens that my wife and I will be leaving on a trip to Italy in just
a few weeks, we are going to be staying on a vineyard in the heart of Chianti, a stones throw from Castellina in Chianti. Wow, we just can't wait to visit Tuscany and Siena and some of the over 90 wineries who produce Brunello di Montalcino. So much to see and do with only a week to take it all in.
I do love a good Chianti, it's one of my favorite table wines. I was invited to sample the La Tancia Chianti (2007) and it arrives on my door step and does a bit of sun bathing before coming inside to be stored in my cellar. I'm thinking I will give this wine a couple of weeks before I give it go, to get over it's bad case of bottle shock and time in transit.

Well it has been two weeks since the arrival of this sample and I am seriously jonesing for a grilled pizza. Yep you heard me right a grilled pizza. The weather is seriously vexing and the temps inside are nearing the mid eighties. Since I want to make some pizza and the oven is a serious no-go, I opt for the grill. I whip out the pizza stone and a fresh dough acquired from Trader Joe's, and all the other fresh ingredients waiting to participate in this glorious feast. I then whip up a couple of "classic" Caesar salads and now it's time to evaluate this wonderfully inexpensive Chianti.

We all appreciate getting great juice at a great price and believe me I am no different. This wine was everything you expect in a classic stlye Chianti and more.

The Wine: 2007 La Tancia, DOCG Chianti. Does Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita D.O.C.G. have you wondering what does DOCG mean anyway? It's represented by the geographical name of a delimited production area with the strictest limitation of areas and yields per hectare and is awarded to wines of outstanding reputation with a D.O.C. of at least five years.

First Swirl: In the glass this wine features a light garnet colored core and red-brick colored rim.

First Sniff: The delicate aromas mingle nicely together, with characteristic notes of plum, cherry, and a hint of leather.

First Sip: There's an appealing earthiness under the black cherry fruit in this wine. It grows more savory with air, gaining both freshness and length from the bright middle. Supple tannins and a well-balanced structure, it's a good match for many food types think Egg Plant Parmesan or perhaps a thin crusted wood fired pizza.

Composition: 100% Sangiovese aged (most likely twelve months) in French barriques and estate bottled at the La Tancia Estate in the Chianti.

Price and Alcohol: This wine can be purchased at a number of places on line and sells for somewhere between $7.00 and $9.99 depending on where you look. The alcohol percentage is a typical 12.5 %.

Other Voices: After an exhaustive search online it appears mine is the sole voice on reviewing this particular wine, so you'll just have to trust my palate alone on this review.

Sample Sent: Yes, this was a sample sent to me by the Margate WINE & SPIRIT Company in New York
Recommendation: This is a good wine to stock up on, especially if you are planning a party. It lends itself to easy food pairing and has a low alcohol content. It's is very inexpensive and will be easy on the wallet. It's is made to drink now but will benefit from a year of cellaring. If you are someone likes to buy easy quaffers like this one in bulk, I heartily recommend storing your wine correctly or you're just throwing your money out the window. Until next time cheers everyone!


jgriffin said…
If you are looking for a wine which has to be balanced, has a good mouth-feel, this wine is worth considering. this wine is harvested from 100% Sangiovese aged (most likely twelve months) in French barriques and estate bottled at the La Tancia Estate in the Chianti. You can serve this wine with any fine Italian cuisine, especially pasta. Also if you buy cigar, this would be an added pleasure.
Brady said…
I work in a wines and spirits store, and have recommended the 2006 vintage many times. I think "balanced" is an excellent description of this reasonably-priced Chianti.

Excellent buy.
puccini said…
Has not any one smelled or tasted what is called, for short, "Brit"??, this wine has the most pronounced smell and taste of said "Brit" than any that I have ever purchased.. Question,, how could someone market a wine, or exclaim about it, with such a "barnyard" smell and taste!?

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