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Wine is Elemental: Mind the Gap

“Grape cultivation is difficult, laborious, and not always rewarding work, dependent on a variety of factors (weather, soil conditions, insects, diseases) that are beyond a vintner’s control. The only certainty is doubt.” ~ Todd Kliman

In general, viticulture today has become so finely tuned that the average vineyard owner is far better prepared for adversity even when in or near the end of the ripening cycle. In combination, however, with other subjective tests of the fruit, an experienced winemaker can often pinpoint the best day to harvest the fruit to get the most sugar, lowest pH, and best elements of varietal character that the vine has to offer from its long growing season, even in an outlier year, like 2011.

The wine in today's spotlight from a producer I've long admired and one I think everyone in the wine-community should know about and possibly support via wine purchases. They're a relatively new producer known as Bruliam Wines, where indeed as their motto indic…

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