Pure Cab Franc: 2005 Byington Bates Ranch Cabernet Franc

Santa Cruz Mtns Pure Cab Franc

Regarding this wine it's like what ZZ Top sang about, "She's got legs and she knows how to use them". This wine is in a word, balanced, pure fruit expression, with harmonious acidity, and earthy nuances weaved into every drop.

In the glass a tight core of crushed velvet. Although the nose really did not say much to my palate, but the viscous complexity spoke volumes to the breadth and depth of this wine which touched its skins ever so lightly and gave the cork a pink kiss.

It danced on my palate like a ballerina, gracefully and delightfully touching each taste bud with a beautiful bouquet of Cab-Franc delight. It delivered with amazing length and precision on the very persistent finish. Well done for an outstanding effort in a single varietal. 100% Cabernet Franc is rare and vinified correctly is even rarer.
This wine paired ever so nicely with the homemade Italian style Lasagne! Bon appetit! Until next time Cheers. Byington Vineyard & Winery: Cabernet Franc Bates Ranch, 2005 - $37.00


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