"Clos Pegase" 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine I drank just last night comes from the Cabernet Sauvignon Class 2004 Napa, many of the 04's are very good. I've tasted many 04 Cab's from Napa and my conclusion is, this was a very "good year" in Napa for Cab...

That said, last night I tasted for the first time a wine a friend @MS recommended. She was high on the PN, but in seeing the Cab @ Costco @ 30% off the single bottle price through the winery I purchased one. Personally I like to let the bottle relax in my cellar (a big wine fridge) before I drink it, to minimize what I call "bottle shock". I typically tend to drink wine with dinner, and so I decided to pair this Bordeaux styled wine with a fat Porter House, which had been marinating all day, damn fine!
Now about this wine, which on the initial taste offers fruitiness (very subtle) and accessibility at an early age. Because they use the old technique of extended maceration, which creates softer tannins. Indeed this wine was as smooth as a baby's bottom and while being elegant and refined. The after dinner quaffs were much better though and yes I finished the bottle. Not hard to do with a wine this good. Reportedly their Cabernets sit in natural caves for two years which must add to the caliber this wine shows in the glass.
On the nose, pure cassis, blackberry fruit tones combine with coffee and cedar. The palate is big, with a subdued luscious; full bodied yet vibrant,with a toasty oak integration, which combined naturally with the tannins for long persistent finish. This wine really opened up very nicely toward the end of the evening, which suggested to me a decanting prior to dinner would have enhanced my experience greatly! Be that as it may, I can highly recommend this wine to you and with this kind of dedication, their other varietals must be of similar caliber. I scored this wine 91 Pt's. Enjoy!


Anonymous said…
Glad you liked it!!! I'll have to remember to try letting it sit before I dive into it! Let's see if that is possible! :)
Bill Eyer said…
Good luck with that goal, I know it's tough to resist, but they (whoever they are)"patience is virtue..." Whenever I drink a bottle of wine after it has been in my car, shaking about, it seems to not taste as good, so I wait and wait. Thanks for stopping by!

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