Oh, what to pair, what to pair??

Okay, so if your like me and your wondering what wine should I serve at my next BBQ. Summer time is hot and and you don't want to cook in the house, so I head for the BBQ grill.

Maybe your thinking geez I just have a few beers instead or drink a rosé Personally for me, when I want something which compliments my meal, I am thinking of what is ready to uncork in the cellar and if it is for grilled, smoky foods, I think big, bold, and drinkable! But I just may quaff down a few glasses of chilled Rosé while I am cooking.

What kind of wines should they be? Most likely you're going to be on the lookout for big wines; full bodied (nice tight legs) and fruit-forward. Maybe on the order of something like a bold assertive wine with attributes of spice and pepper, preferably with a smooth velvety mouth feel to them. Wines for BBQ should support the succulence of the meat and not be overwhelmed by the sweetness of the sauce.

So, if you’re looking for the good wine to complement that juicy steak or smoky grilled chicken, I believe these wines will match up well for any and every barbecue!

Recommendations made by Master Sommelier Michael Jordan’s of the Napa Rose Restaurant at The Grand Californian Hotel at Downtown Disneyhttp://disneyland.disney.go.com
I had a 5 course wine paired menu there once, it was amazing!

Ribeye SteaksMerlotFor this rich, flavorful steak, the softer tones of Merlot balance the richness of the Ribeye. Personally I like the NY Strip with a Napa 2004 Cabernet.

Filet Mignon Shiraz / SyrahFilet is a soft, delicate cut of beef and Shiraz has body and a full flavor that enhances and deepens the taste of the Filet.

Veal: Pinot Noir this is a lighter red wine, but its intense fruit flavors stand up well and enhance the subtlety of the veal. My choice is nice 100% Cab Franc!

Lamb ChopsMeritage Meritages has finesse, suppleness, and complexity - a perfect match for a full-flavored meat like lamb. Personally, I like to pair an Willamette Pinot with Lamb, but that's me.
SalmonChardonnay or Pinot Noir Chardonnays vary from light to heavy with peach and apple tones that complement salmon. Pinot is a red soft enough to pair with fish.

ChickenFrench White BurgundiesWhite Burgundies are crisp and lean, yet smooth and fruity - perfect for chicken.

Lobster Champagne, Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio Champagne, the perfect compliment to lobster…Need I say more!Both Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio are light, fruity and crisp, and complement the lobster's buttery texture. Even a good Prosecco!


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