Wine drinking improves liver health!

Daily Wine Drinking Improves Liver Health

I knew it, I knew it! Science has finally come to our rescue and has validated my daily wine consumption! Seriously, folks good news from San Diego of all places! According to an article in Wine Spectator online, "San Diego researchers find that a glass a day protects against liver disease" they go on to say in the article that wine drinkers specifically have and I quote here,

"When the UC San Diego researchers then compared the different beverage drinkers to each other, they found that beer and spirits drinkers were four times more likely to develop the disease when compared to wine drinkers" We rock!

So in other words, put down those damn Martinis and put away that case of Bud! Wine is the way to go! Wine drinkers have a better chance of beating liver disease than those who drink other types of adult beverages! So wine is good for your heart and now your liver! How can you lose? I mean really? Okay here is the link to WS article,1197,4437,00.html?CMP=OTC-RSS check it out for yourself! Lift your glass to better health and you can forget the pallet of livers waiting for transplant!


Wine (in moderation, of course!) has so many health benefits. I read once that many of them haven't even been discovered. Glad to hear protection from liver disease is one of them!

-- Kristy @ Wine Logic

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