The Wine Snob Scandal

I just stumbled on this article and I could not believe what I was reading, but apparently it is true. Are ya ready for this? A lot of what wine connoisseurs say about wine is humbug! (Pretentious or silly talk or writing) I thought for sure they could tell the difference between a Cabernet and a Chardonnay. 

Just a little dye in the glass is enough to fool their palate, I would never have thought it possible? But there it is in this doctoral dissertation, which ran the tests on three different methods with the same wines and yet the same results and conclusion which is, "Drinkers have long suspected it, but now French researchers have finally proved it," burbled the London Times' Adam Sage from Paris; "wine 'experts' know no more than the rest of us." Check out the article in the Seattle Weekly and here is link to read the sad and disappointing news. Cheers everyone!Do Wine Experts really know more us?  Looks lieBad case of Craniuminrectum! ;-)


Anonymous said…
Your blog is awesome!! love this story .. thanks!

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