Wine of the Week: Campeo Viejo 2003 Grand Reserva

Time to uncork another wine of the week and in this week's spotlight is the 
Campo Viejo 2003 Grand Reserva [hello Rioja]. This is a bottle of wine that oddly enough reminds of my boot-camp days, and you may be thinking, "huh, I don't get it" but hold on because here comes the explanation.

When I was in boot-camp which was just a few years ago [ha] I was assigned to Equine Echo; where I learned that raw [undisciplined] power was a recipe for disaster, but focused and carefully harnessed it's a powerful tool for good things. In this case, producing a fantastic wine that over-delivers on quality without the massive hit on the wallet.

So it's with this quote; Meekness isn't weakness; it's just strength under control" ~ Otis Lockett I want to commend to you this fantastically beautiful juice for your consideration. It took me a few years to reach this conclusion, but this is what I love about Spanish wines and why you should as well.

These wine folks is a demonstration of power under control; it's has a tremendous structure for further development and yet is stunningly approachable in the here and now. In a word the tannins are nothing but SILK, you could easily drink the whole bottle without even thinking about it. 

This is the kind of wine that makes me wish I could jump inside the empty bottle with a straw to get every last drop. This is the kind of wine that not only gets my highly coveted "drink now and drink" often recommendation but also is the winner of the "highly coveted run, don't walk" buy a case recommendation. 

In the glass, a brilliant garnet colored cored, slightly dulled with age like a broken in baseball glove. This wine sports nuanced meaty-strawberry and ripe plums flavors and aromas and a lively acidity that is really refreshing. For the foodies out there, looking for a perfect food wine that does not get in the way, but enhances the experience this wine delivers that and more. 

For the scorekeepers in the audience; I'm giving this wine a solid 94 points. This wine demonstrates the premise of my blog; you can pay more, but you won't get more! Probably one of the best things about this wine is that it sells for a near pauper's prices of $21 [SRP] and cash-strapped wanna-be winos everywhere rejoice [applause]. You'll most likely find it for a bit less in some retail locales, making this wine a QPR champ. Until next time folks sip long and prosper cheers!


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