Taste of Provence: Balletto 2011 RRV Rose' of Pinot Noir

A matter of perspective; “Sometimes I can't tell if you're teaching someone how to dance or just really inefficiently learning how to count” ~ Elan Gale

Whenever I dine-out, I typically bring a bottle of my own wine from home or something I've just scored on a jaunt through wine country, like my last trip to Napa and Sonoma. Most restaurants have a policy of waiving "corkage" if you order a bottle from the menu. In those situations; I typically go for rosé, a wine which typically goes fantastically well with appetizers.

When I have a choice; I like to drink rosé produced from Navarra, California Pinot Noir or a Côtes de Provence style. In this case, ordering the Balletto 2011 Rose' I was able to get the latter two in one bottle [two-fer].  

The wine we ordered was not chilled, we were then offered an opportunity to taste an alternative [Saintsbury], they serve by the glass, wow Jolly Rancher watermelon flavor, more reminiscent of a cheap Sutter Home white-zin. So we opted for a bucket to put a chill on the Balletto Rose' of Pinot Noir. From the moment I saw this wine in the bottle to the very first slurp, this wine gave a nice tip of the cap to Provence.
I was pumped for the experience and this wine delivered it in spades. When I commented via twitter about the style of the wine and suave sophistication of this very tasty Rose', his reply came back.

Provence is certainly the inspiration & goal every year.” ~ Anthony Beckman Winemaker
I encountered this wine while dining-out in Santa Rosa, at a delightful place called Petite Syrah, just a few exits down the road from Windsor. I thought to myself, 'wow what a great name for a restaurant". But I'd recommend ordering appetizers before dinner comes out of the exposed kitchen as wonderfully prepared and wonderfully executed entrees are a bit on the "petite" side of the equation. The food was delicious and the service was fantastic, but c'mon I would have given up to half of my kingdom for a baguette [I know, what was I thinking, right?]. Sorry to say a small plate of sweet potato chips really didn't cut it for three people, good thing we had a ordered a few appetizers to tame the hunger pangs, before the main event.

This may sound a bit over-stated, but that has never stopped me before, so here it goes. In my experience; it would seem that the RRV has become a mecca for delicious and delicate styles of rose wines that shout Rosé de Provence. In the glass this brilliant orange-hued with shades of pink color glowed softly in our glasses.

This lively wine comes from a careful touch of skin contact from Pinot Noir; small quantities of free run juice really [no press in sight]. On the nose, plenty of vibrant rose petals, dried strawberry and a kiss of meaty summer peach. The palate bites at ripe strawberries, kisses your mouth with tangy-citrus, wet-stone and lemongrass. I found this wine well balanced, piped with bright acidity. If you’re looking for pairing suggestions, this rich enough to pair up with salmon or even duck, yet light enough to handle a plate of fresh mussels.

 At the time of writing, this wine is listed as the one of "current" releases. It sells for $18 and is available for purchase for the moment. I gave this wine a solid 92 points and highly recommend it to you. But I wouldn't hesitate too long, as this solid summer sipper will disappear faster than a cool summer breeze. I was taking a look through their website and was "wowed" by their other selections, so sad I missed out on the opportunity to sample their other wines, looks like their slaying the point’s monster quite nicely. I'll definitely have to stop-by on my next visit. Until next folks, continue to sip long and prosper cheers!


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