Just another Marsannay Monday

"What's in a name, that which we call a rose? By any other name would smell as sweet" ~ Shakespeare

It will be a bummer to have left the Burgundy region, five weeks hardly seems long enough to even begin to scratch the surface but it has been a fun trip via Wine Studio. 

But of course stay tuned as Wine Studio jumps into a five-week jaunt through the wines and vineyards of the Croatia wine scene, with the many nearly unpronounceable names. It's a very good thing that I won't have any funny failed attempts at pronunciation, thankfully and, may I even say mercifully I only have to type the names of these interesting wines.

But before we jump into the next segment of Wine-Studio, I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the great wines we've have experienced on this great journey through what was touted as "fringe" Burgundy.  The wine you see in the picture above is from Marsannay and if you click the link I've provided you can get a fantastic 180 glimpse of this amazing region

The Marsannay Rose from Bruno Clair, which you see above, is a serious wine. But it does not take itself too serious when it comes to fun summer-time sipping. This wine shows plenty of intensity and generosity on the palate, it will wow you great depth and balance. Baskets of mouth-watering, ripe summer strawberries, rich with minerality, earthiness, await the thirsty vino-sapien with each sip, slurp and maybe even the eventual gulp.

Clair is best known for his tantalizing red-wines among Burg-hounds, but the truth be known, even his whites and the featured Marsannay rose are equally deserving the attention of even the garden variety vino-sapien. 

So put down those common everyday mass produced screw-capped domestic rosé wines and step-up to wine with real soul and substance; while at the same time knowing it won't break the bank either. 

If you're interested in acquiring this wine for yourself and I highly recommend that you do, than please contact the team at Protocol Wine Studio and they'll be glad to assist you. Until the next time, please remember sip long and prosper cheers!


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