Travel Tuesday: A Slice of SLOVEnia

"Wine has a voice for those who wish to hear it and for those who take the time to understand it" ~ Maria at Vinakoper.

It was a beautiful morning in Bordeaux, another hot, warm day was on tap and did not disappoint. I'm writing one of my follow-up stories about a few of my adventures Slovenia. Just below the window of my hotel, tours buses are lined up, waiting to take eager tourist on a city tour or out to the many Chateaus which do the landscape. 

Slovenia, wow it's a beautiful country, so clean and crisp, lovely Mountain ranges greet you as depart from the airport and green, green everywhere you look. So the evergreen forest scene is not your thing, huh? Well not to worry, because there are many beautiful beaches and seaside resorts waiting to welcome you. If you feel a chill, while inland then I'd just cruise to the coast and catch some sun and take the plunge in the Adriatic Sea, that's what the locals do. 

For a country of only two million people, I'd have to say they really know how to keep their nation pristine, I was hard-pressed to find a scrap of paper anywhere just laying about. Some other countries in the world, including mine, may want to take note. 

I say a slice of Slovenia because unlike my other fellow journalists who accompanied me on this trip to what I will describe for me personally as the virtual unknown, my part of the journey was cut a bit short. Like the slice you see above, cut from the whole, so too was my trip to Slovenia. Oh yes, as if par for the course, I had few obstacles set in my way before and after arriving. It was as if the universe was saying no-no Bill, don't go, to Slovenia. 

There were unexplained cancellations of my original flight, with shoulder shrugs of indifference via Air France [once I arrived at JFK] and then there was the sudden and painful food poisoning via my dance with the Octopus the night before, which cramped my style so much, I had to beg for mercy.

So to say I even saw a slice of this fantastic country or its wonderful people is a generous statement at best. But I do hope to revisit one day again in the future, but with fortune smiling on my journey the next time. 

But now for one of the most ideal desserts and wine pairings I've ever encountered, please don't take my words lightly here. When I say ever, I genuinely mean ever. This was my first experience with either one of these great items you see pictured above, but I hope it will not be my last. The dessert plated in the picture above is called Prleska [Presna] Gibanica; a blend of cottage cheese, raisins, with a subtle sweetness and other yummy stuff. Sorry I didn't get the ingredient list, and the sparkling wine you see pictured with above is a Muscat produced semi-dry, and it sells for 12 euros. 

If you're looking for the most amazing wine to pair with your wedding cake and have a toast with your guests, yes Champagne is customary, elegant, and sophisticated. But it lacks the one essential component necessary to pull off the pairing perfection; it has little RS like the bubbly pictured above. In pairing wines with desserts, it's important to remember to match sweet with sweet for pairing success. I've eaten plenty of wedding cake in my day, and feel qualified to tell you a matter of factly that the above wine, is a wedding cakes best friend [don't doubt me].  

As you can see from the picture above Slovenia is a very green place, no shortage of rainfall here. The brand Ormož Jeruzalem was named after the two towns, both of which are closely related to wine and vineyards Jerusalem is the highest point and the center of our vineyards. As legend has it that this area was named at the time of the Crusades. 

Many of crusaders coming through this area at the time believed this must be the idealized Jeruzalem and opted to stay instead of returning home. Ormož is a picturesque ancient town on the steep terraces above the river Drava and has always been associated with wine. If you'd like to take an in-depth look at the Slovenian Wine Scene, then click here for all the details, on tour, travel and more. 

Slovenia is a gorgeous unspoiled country, one I hope to visit again someday, and I'd encourage you to do the same. It has great art, culture, castles, skiing, basketball, fantastic food, fun, and interesting people and above all quite the selection of new and different styles of wine to sample and savor. Until next time folks remember life is so short, so take a chance, do something different, don't settle and for god's sake get out there Salud!


Marko said…
Nice post! I definitely agree with your thoughts on the wine/cake pairing. However, I have to say those vineyards offer many more sweet and semi-dry solutions for your sweet dessert equation.

When you make it back to Slovenia feel free to contact me if you need some local advice on what to see and which wine to try. ;)

Have fun, keep travelling and don't stop blogging about it!

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