The Perfect Thursday Night Pizza Wine: 2015 Toscana IGT

Originally posted last year at this time (11/29/18), I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The reason being, seeing my post regarding the tremendous value this wine represents is once more trending on the twitter machine with the credit being absconded by a witless wannabe. 

“Wine is nothing of luxury, business, or money. Wine has to be something to drink every day. It has to be balanced for health…with the culture, habits, and needs of people.” ~ Kogl Winery, in Slovenia

It's Thursday night, and you're wondering what to uncork with the planned pizza night, well I found the perfect pizza wine. I've searched high and low for a wine which has the ideal fruit to acid ratio with mild-mannered but tantalizing tannins. Stay tuned, the wine I'm about to introduce you to is it. I popped the cork on this rustic, but charming beauty just the other night a delicious classic style Indicazione Geografica Tipica (IGT); which paired amazingly well with a gorgeous not-so-traditional pizza they call the Apollo V we scored from our local pizzeria known as Old Soul, the name describes many of my wine preferences as well.

I'd invite anyone to take some time to investigate what the Italian IGT designate has to offer average vino-sapiens. Wines known in the not so distant past as Super Tuscans, it was designation created in 1992 which allowed many vintners to color outside the traditional lines of DOC and DOCG regulations, allowing in some non-traditional and not so indigenous varietals to be part of a blend, known as the Super Tuscan.

Once you discover many of the good to even great producers; who I know if given a chance, will help change many minds and hearts about these delicious, yet genuinely authentic Tuscan wines you need to try. Bonus, you don't have to spend a fortune to get wines with real soul and substance. So you wanna deep dive into the whole I.G.T. discussion? Here's a place (link) to do just that, enjoy.

The 2015 Toscana IGT (Kirkland) is a well-executed wine with has "classic" written all over it, 100% Sangiovese goodness, and a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. From the first splash in my glass to the very last drop. A sexy rustic nose, which made me think rich dry earth, cracked, sun-beaten leather and red fruit all, came together at some point. After the first splash, polished tannins, vanilla, underbrush, and dried cherries and raspberry fruits reminding me of dark plums dark and, yes you could taste the pit. The finish is long and lasting.

A small factoid about Italy’s most planted wine-bearing grapevine known as Sangiovese, the lead grape in this blend. It’s a slight (smaller the better) dark-berried grape and, one that has become synonymous with the majority of the red wines from the Tuscany region. But of course, not everyone plants the same clone of Sangiovese, so that said, please keep in mind clones matter.

I've had both the 2014 and their 2015, the 15 requires a bit of decanting for it to unfold, whereas the 14 is ready to go soon as you uncork the bottle, it's game on. Also, I've sampled many of the Kirkland Brand's other Italian wine selections (Brunello for example), costing more, but delivering far less than anticipated. Also note, the newest vintage, no longer describes the blend, perhaps, they'd like to keep the recipe if you will, proprietary, as their 2015 now states "estate bottled and cellared."

The wine was the perfect accompaniment or what I often describe as the ideal pizza night wine. It just played some sweet base tones in the background, while at the same time enhancing the overall 'epicurean' experience. The wine sells most places ( a Costco warehouse) for an SRP of $14, and I gave it a score of 90 points making it a QPR star. This bottle and others like it I've encountered over the years are the poster wines of my long-standing catchphrase, "you can pay more, but seldom do you get more." Believe me, when I say this, this wine is thee perfect and best choice for any red-sauced pizza, you white sauce people, I just don't understand your oddball obsession.

Weighing in at just 13.5% abv and nicely textured, this wine made for the perfect food pairing partner. While we chose pizza, I could imagine seeing this wine pair beautifully with a large variety of Italian entrees. Okay, all done with the pontificating for now; until next folks remember, life is short, compromise is for relationships, not wine, so continue to sip long and prosper cheers!


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